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Software & App Development

Our Technical Expertise Includes, but not limited to:

• ASP.Net, .Net Web services, VB/VB.NET
• Java Applets, Servlets, Web application servers (BEA, Web
Sphere), JSP, J2EE, EJB, J2ME
• Oracle, MSSQL, MYSQL

We see to it that our clients retain full ownership of all intellectual property rights and software source code on completion of the project. At the same time our clients can get access to a broad range of specialized technical skills and equipment.

Accounts & Finance

Outsourcing your accounting needs to an offshore financial analyst is a no-hassle way to manage expenses and taxes, free up valuable time, slash costs, prevent fraud, and boost your bottom line. Your accounting Virtual Employee can help you:
• Prepare financial statements.
• Reconcile bank and credit card accounts.
• Organise and enter receipts into an accounting system.
• Implement record-keeping and accounting procedures.
• Draw up quarterly and year-end estimates.
• Do periodic inventory analysis.
• Perform other accounting-related tasks you assign.

Data Entry & Processing

Most industries require data entry. Healthcare, Ecommerce, Real Estate, Banking, Restaurants, and Hospitality. If you are running a business and it requires a lot of data entry and it is a time-consuming task. Your Global 1 Services Virtual Assistant can help you in the below jobs:

• Data Mining.
• Ensure employees and contractors are paid on time.
• Data conversion.
• Processing forms.
• Updating Medical Records.
• Write and Edit Reports.
• Delete any unnecessary or extraneous files.
• Keep records of all activities and tasks.

• Make sure all of your data is presented in the right forms.
• Delete any unnecessary or extraneous files.
• Keep records of all activities and tasks.
• Make sure all of your data is presented in the right forms.
• Enter details on the new sales lead.
• Log billing information for customers.
• Create new user profiles.
• Keep your CRM updated.

HR Services

It’s hard to find the right people and keep them. But since most businesses run on a tight budget, you need to maximize your resources. It’s why you can’t afford to do HR tasks yourself. Global 1 Services can provide you HR staff who can:

• Craft and post job listings on recruitment boards to attract skilled
• Identify potential candidates based on resumes.
• Develop and implement employee retention strategies.
• Compile and maintain employee records.
• Interview and screen applicants.
• Create and send recruitment emails to potential candidates.
• Perform other HR-related tasks you assign.

Call Center Services

Outsourcing virtual call center assistant services to Global 1 Services will reduce your worries and assist you to concentrate on priorities. With specialization in client management, our team will effortlessly handle all inward and outgoing call center responsibilities. Our virtual call center assistant services include:
• Customer Service & Support
• Database Management
• Remote IT and Tech Support
• Cross Sell & Up Sell of Services/Products.
• Lead Generation Services & Appointment Setting
• Tele Marketing
• E-Mail & Chat Support
• Market Research & Surveys
• Lead Qualification

Website Design & Development

Our virtual employees can create websites for all types of needs, whether you want a simple corporate website or a large content portal or robust e-commerce or m-commerce platform for generating sales. Web Developers with proven experience in the following, but not limited to:
• Back & Front-End Development
• JavaScript
• C# & .NET
• iOS & Android
• Java
• And more…
Our team has advanced experience with WordPress, Divi, Squarespace, Sitelio, Ruby on Rails, Magento, Drupal, Opencart, Joomla, and more. We also have know-how in new technologies like Xamarin, Sharepoint, Unity3d, Cocos 2D, Python Developers, Laravel, Angular JS, React JS, Node JS, and AWS.

Translation & Transcription

Our transcription and translation service are the maximum budget-friendly way to satisfy your business’ worldwide requirements. With flexible transcription options, help for multiple output style publications, and customized formatting available, our language and transcription specialists are professional in transforming audio and video and text files into accurate, translated text. We provide bilingual and multilingual transcription offerings for content material such as:
• Tutorial videos and knowledgebase articles
• Podcasts, seminars, and webinars
• Meetings, focus groups, and interviews
• Claims interviews
• Business presentations
• Technical documentation

Internet Marketing

If you want your business to compete in the big leagues, it needs to reach more people through a comprehensive marketing strategy.
Our Internet Marketing strategy and consultancy services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Local SEO, Mobile SEO, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Web Analytics, Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and more.

Administrative Work

You’re more than capable of managing your appointments, answering inquiries, or booking your accommodations. But doing all these tasks keeps you from focusing on what’s important: your core business. Our administrative staff can:
• Conduct Research.
• Manage E-Mail Inboxes.
• Keep Databases Current.
• Schedule Events.
• Update Social Media accounts.
• Manage electronic and printed company files.
• Manage and route internal communications and documents
• Keeps company manuals and brochures updated
• Perform other admin-related tasks you assign.